Our mission is to provide children of all backgrounds with educational, spiritual, environmental and social opportunities in a safe, educational, homely, Christian environment, which will enable them to develop independence, self confidence, a love for learning and an awareness of the great gifts God has given them!


The logo:

The shell represents the fishing industry of our area and indicates strength courage and endurance.
The blue indicates safety and the pearl is the protection of the learners.


With Diligence Comes Excellence


Maximum Opportunity Through Optimal Education

We will do this by:

1. Appointing staff with both the right heart and the right skills.

2. Attracting parents who appreciate and identify the right values and are willing to pay promptly for what we stand for.

3. Adhering at all times to the academic, caring and spiritual standards of excellence that characterizes our school.

4. Parents and teachers who tackle problems directly and immediately.

5. Open and honest communication.